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By Liz Darnell

Obama’s Veterans Administration (VA) has already used to deny the gun rights of about 177,000 veterans and survivors of veterans, and its only criterion for doing so is whether those former GIs and family members have been appointed a fiduciary—someone to help them with their financial affairs.

But in the Obama administration’s latest scheme to “transform” America into a non-gun-owning country, the Social Security Administration is now planning to add the names of many SSI beneficiaries to the National Instant Check System (NICS) as “prohibited persons” who are barred from buying, possessing or owning firearms.

In his final years, the author’s (America’ Dad became an ideal mark for con-men of all kinds, from the hucksters of late-night infomercials to the “bank employees” on the telephone. None of the thieves ever successfully scammed him.

Today, there are millions of Americans just like my dad who, for whatever reason—age, infirmity, memory loss or just to appease their children—have handed over the responsibility for their financial affairs to a family member or friend.

Maybe, as with my dad, they’re too trusting for their own good. Maybe they have trouble balancing a checkbook, or handling money with enough diligence.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unfit to own …Read the Rest

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