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By Justin Stakes

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund

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Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund

Washington, DC -( ACTION: Click here to urge your Representative and Senators to lead the charge against the new Obama gun ban.

Urge them to cut all funding for this ban — and to leave our seniors alone!

Millions of seniors could lose their guns, jeopardizing the ability of kids and grandchildren to inherit them

“I didn’t know the VA could take away your guns,” the young Marine said.

The harsh truth is that the Veterans Administration can do that — and they have been for years — to veterans who have committed no crimes whatsoever.

But it’s not just veterans who are on the chopping block. Obama’s latest gun grabbing scheme could be his cruelest and most dangerous to Americans.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Obama administration is pushing to “ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns” if they lack the mental capacity to “manage their own affairs” — a move that could affect millions of senior citizens.

Obama wants to strip gun rights from millions of seniors and vulnerable Americans who pose no threat to anyone, …read more

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