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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Constitutional Carry
Constitutional Carry
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

New Hampshire-( I told you about the New York City based lobbyists who are working overtime to STOP, Constitutional Carry and to pass the voter gun ban, HB 350.

We are close, but not quite there yet, Constitutional Carry still needs your help to become the law in New Hampshire.

It is very important that you to do four things for me so that together, we can get SB 12 enacted into law and stop the voter gun ban:

  1. Forward this email to your friends and family members who own firearms, we need everyone on our team aware of what is going on. We need your help, the grassroots gun owners to get this bill across the finish line!
  2. Please contact your State Representatives and urge them to support SB 12 without any amendments or changes. Then, contact Governor Chris Sununu and let him know that you support SB 12, Constitutional Carry. This is very important, our enemies are attempting to flood his office with calls and he needs to hear from firearms owners.Tell your Representatives and Governor Sununu that you will rely upon the New Hampshire Firearms …Read the Rest

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