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By Tom Knighton

Imagine you have a business that is targeted by criminals over and over again, and the sheriff decides to fight crime by shutting down your business. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

Yet one New York gun store owner had just that happen recently after being the latest of a series of burglaries.

A New York Sheriff’s office has forced a gun store to close and has seized hundreds of firearms after the store was recently burglarized for the seventh time in eleven years.

“This is a persistent problem. For more than a decade the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has attempted to work with the owner to improve security for his facility,” said Sheriff Todd Baxter. “Failure to properly secure this store has resulted in a tremendous threat to the safety of the people of this county.”

“With the number of burglaries and the number of firearms stolen out of this location,” Chief Deputy Michael Fowler added, “it’s obviously creating a risk to public safety that we can’t let continue. We have to do something, this situation cannot continue.”

In two burglaries since August 11, between 45 and 50 firearms have been stolen from …Read the Rest

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