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By Robert Farago

Amish gun owner (courtesy

The [New York] SAFE Act requires a National Instant Criminal Background Check on all gun purchases,” reports. True dat. Whereas most states “allow” Americans to sell or transfer guns to other legal buyers privately without the government sticking its proverbial nose into the Second Amendment’s “shall not be infringed” tent, the Empire State’s “universal background check” law requires ALL sales to go through a licensed gun dealer. Which includes a background check. Which means ALL buyers have to have photo ID. And that’s a problem for New York’s Amish population . . .

The Washington Free Beacon interviewed Freeman Gingerich, of West Edmeston, N.Y., who expressed his vexation at his inability to purchase a gun to hunt. He lives with eight family members, four of whom are hunters.

Gingerich said his Second Amendment rights are being denied based on his religion.

After going to several gun shops, Gingerich said he was told by the employees and their managers that they could not help him due to the SAFE Act.

“They couldn’t do anything for us without a photo ID,” Gingerich said. He said a religious exemption is needed for the Amish in New York because “we don’t have photos taken …read more

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