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By Robert Farago

A cop pulls over an old lady. She tells him she’s carrying a pistol, has another one in the glove box and another one on the passenger seat. “What are you afraid of?” the cops asks. “Nothing,” she replies. While you’d be foolish to believe that packing a pistol offers complete protection during a terrorist attack, it’s nice to have. So nice it can reduce paralyzing fear to livable wariness. But what about people who can’t carry, thanks to government infringement on their right to keep and bear arms? People who live in places publicly targeted by terrorists? New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s got a message for them [via] . . .

New York City authorities reacted with defiant resolve to a video allegedly released by the Islamic State militant group that threatens to attack the metropolis.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he has been in touch with federal authorities that said the video is not a “specific and credible threat” to the Unites States’ most populated city.

“Stoking fear is the goal of terrorist organizations, but New York City will not be intimidated,” Mayor de Blasio said during a news …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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