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By Tom Knighton

The idea of the government being able to look at your internet history of any kind is troubling, regardless of what kind of reasons it gives. Absent probable cause, it’s an incredible invasion of privacy and, for some people, outright embarrassing. Especially because people often say or do things on social media that they might not do in person. Additionally, sometimes a joke looks very different when a third party looks at it.

It’s a problem.

What’s odd though is that it seems the mastermind of this idea has his a history of violence, one that should probably exclude him from ever owning a firearm, especially under the rules he proposes.

If New York Democrat Kevin Parker had his way, you would have to turn over your social media and search history to the authorities before you’re allowed to buy a gun. This requirement is to make sure the buyer isn’t a “violent” person.

The question is, would Parker be able to buy a gun because a search into his background shows he might be that same violent person.

Kevin Parker has a history of losing his cool and roughing up people so much so that the courts ordered him to seek …Read the Rest

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