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By Tom Knighton

As a veteran, I have a certain amount of builtin respect for generals and admirals. It’s kind of ingrained in you early in your military time, so much so that meeting a general today, decades after my discharge, I still find myself standing tall and adding, “sir” to my comments. It’s hard not to do that and I see no reason to really try.

However, the National Shooting Sports Federation’s Mark Oliva takes issue with a few who have joined gun grabbing causes.

Sixteen of our nation’s senior military officers recently penned a letter to Congress under the banner of the Giffords Veteran Coalition. They chose to lend their military authority and prestige to assist an ongoing political effort to further restrict their fellow law-abiding American citizens’ Constitutional right to keep and bear arms because they mistakenly believe they know how to reduce criminal misuse of firearms.

Generals and admirals, this is something that I just can’t salute.

The retired military leaders, who of course deserve accolades for leading forces in combat and humanitarian operations, cited the recent tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas, to call for more gun control laws. Unfortunately, they never mentioned that our nation’s military itself had the …Read the Rest

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