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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

NSSF & Responsive Management Release Handbook to Increase Outdoor Recreation
NSSF & Responsive Management Release Handbook to Increase Outdoor Recreation

National Shooting Sports FoundationU.S.A.-( The last century has seen a multitude of wildlife conservation success stories thanks to the efforts of the professional fish and wildlife management community. The restoration of once depleted species such as the white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bald eagle, wood duck, and Rocky Mountain elk, to name only a few, was no accident, nor was it the result of guesswork or management through blind optimism. Rather, these once-struggling populations successfully rebounded because biologists and resource managers applied scientific principles dictated by the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

The same governing principle—the use of sound science to dictate policy—also applies to the work now being done to increase participation in and support for hunting, fishing, sport shooting, and archery: R3 (recruitment, retention, and reactivation) efforts must be based on high-quality research and a solid foundation of fact.

Over the past three years, Responsive Management and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reviewed hundreds of research papers and reports related to hunting, fishing, sport shooting, and archery participation in order to distill the most salient findings and lessons learned.

The resulting handbook, Hunting, Fishing, …Read the Rest

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