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The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) this week released its 2022 Congressional Report Card, grading all 430 sitting U.S. Representatives (as of Aug. 8) and 100 U.S. Senators on key legislation that is of critical importance to the firearm industry, Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and America’s hunters and target shooters. Five U.S. House of Representatives were not graded due to special elections to fill vacancies and have no key legislative record to review.
Read the 2022 U.S. HOUSE & U.S. SENATE Report Card »
CLICK HERE for the entire 2022 U.S. House and U.S. Senate NSSF Report Card, including the list of key legislation that comprised the scores.
“This scorecard is of vital importance to voters as we head into November elections. This tells voters exactly where their lawmakers stand on issues they care about like recreational shooting and hunting and the right to keep and bear arms,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “This nonpartisan scorecard reflects the voting record of each legislator. These grades indicate their public voting record as well as their sponsoring and co-sponsoring key legislation, their work on committees, letters signed to support issues and leadership to support our industry.”
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