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By Tom Knighton

More than a week ago, we watched the tragedy unfold as a terminated employee pulled out a gun and started killing his former co-workers. None of Illinois’ gun control measures stopped him. The “gun free zone” sticker on the door sure as hell didn’t, but neither did the state’s background check system.

The gunman was a convicted felon who never should have passed the two background checks required.

National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Senior Vice President, Larry Keane, took aim at the failures of the background check system.

In the wake of the criminal shooting in Aurora, Ill., state agencies are already identifying the gaps in the system that allowed a prohibited person to illegally obtain a firearm, despite going through multiple background checks. The Illinois State Police (ISP) acknowledge they missed a prohibiting felony record when they issued a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) to the murderer. When the felony was discovered as the murderer applied for a concealed carry permit, the local law enforcement agency and the state police both failed to follow-up with the letter he was sent instructing him to surrender his firearm.

The question is, how did this convicted felon pass multiple background checks …Read the Rest

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