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By Daniel Terrill

A man with “no apologies” prepares to enter Carry Guard’s virtual simulator as his daughter watches during the NRA show in Dallas on May 4, 2018. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
The National Rifle Association alleges New York officials conspired with a gun control organization to hurt its pro-gun message by attacking NRA-branded self-defense insurance. In two separate lawsuits, the NRA said Everytown for Gun Safety orchestrated state-led investigations into NRA Carry Guard that uncovered violations by the policy broker and underwriter.
The lawsuits stem from the New York Department of Financial Services announcing deals with insurance broker Lockton Affinity and underwriter Chubb Ltd. The companies agreed to pay million-dollar fines and signed consent decrees saying they would no longer service Carry Guard or similar policies in the Empire State. While the lawsuits acknowledge wrongdoing by the companies, the NRA describes the state’s enforcement efforts as politically motivated.
The case against New York
In a New York federal court, the NRA filed a 33-page complaint accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and DFS superintendent Maria Vullo of conspiring “to initiate an investigation into Carry Guard in an attempt to collaterally attack the NRA and stifle its gun-rights advocacy.” The lawsuit argues Cuomo attacked the NRA because


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