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By Tom Knighton

Registering any kind of guns is abhorrent. It’s wrong on every level. There’s absolutely no reason to do so except to know where to go when you’re ready to round up guns for some reason, and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves. We all know it to be true. The only reason to register guns is to make confiscation easier.

So that’s a big problem with California’s assault weapon registry. However, it’s not the most pressing issue at the moment.

According to the NRA, there’s a serious problem with California’s registry on the technical side. Other than it not working when people needed it to.

Following the closure of the “assault weapon” registration period, NRA and CRPA received complaints from hundreds of individuals who were unable to register their firearms as required because CA DOJ’s online application system was unable to handle the amount of traffic it received. Constant crashes and errors plagued DOJ’s online registration system for weeks leading up to the registration deadline. Because DOJ only provided an electronic means of registration, it was impossible for those who faced these issues to register their firearms.

Another DOJ Data Breach

Possibly even more concerning with DOJ’s online registration system were …Read the Rest

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