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By Tom Knighton

The American Civil Liberties Union isn’t exactly a friend to gun owners. It has done all it can to solidify itself anti-gun credentials in recent weeks. It typically does little to nothing to defend the Second Amendment despite that also being a civil liberty, which is one thing, but it also actively seeks to undermine it.

However, I’m going to give the ACLU credit here. You see, the ACLU isn’t quite as ideologically blind as many such left-leaning organizations are, and it’s not afraid to slam a liberal when they’re out of line.

You know, someone like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his attacks against the National Rifle Association.

It’s no secret that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no fan of the National Rifle Association. A mailer his campaign sent to New York voters this week proclaims, in bold letters: “If the NRA goes bankrupt, I will remember them in my thoughts and prayers.”

There’s nothing wrong with the governor singling out a political adversary for criticism, or even mockery. That’s just politics, and the NRA itself is no stranger to hardball tactics.

But in a lawsuit the NRA filed against Cuomo this spring, …Read the Rest

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