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By Robert Farago

“Now the National Rifle Association is coming after us,” the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) Facebook posting proclaims. And about time, too. You can read the NRA-ILA’s editorial on the CSGV’s advice to SWAT open carriers – reflecting the NRA-ILA’s newfound feistiness – after the jump. For now, here’s a CSGVer Robin Thompson‘s response that racked-up 111 likes so far: I despise the NRA and this loathsome psychological war they are continuing to wage. They are treasonous and hateful. They prey on the fears and hatred of others to fuel their cause. They are EVIL!” I know you are, but what am I? Here’s the piece that got stuck in the CSGV’s collective craw . . .

Unhinged: Antigun Group Seeking to Provoke Confrontations Between Police, Lawful Carriers?

The cracks are showing at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Granted, it can’t be easy for them these days. Overall rates of violent crime are down. Americans are embracing the right to keep and bear arms and rejecting calls for gun control at historic rates. Gun control standard bearer Barack Obama has utterly …read more

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