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The Wall Street Journal recently published an irresponsible opinion piece written by Virginia Congressman Don Beyer. The article was misleading and manipulative of the facts and it was clear that the op-ed was published without a basic fact check. The NRA sought to set the record straight by submitting both an op-ed piece and a letter to the editor. The WSJ published neither.

It’s important people know the facts behind Beyer’s ludicrous claims.

Here is the op-ed Chris Cox, NRA-ILA’s executive director wrote in response:

Congressman Don Beyer last Thursday wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal that followed a routine formula among those who want to destroy the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms.

The formula is simple.

First, use the shock and horror we all feel after a deranged gunman opens fire on the innocent to advance their agenda. Second, disparage the five million members of the National Rifle Association by suggesting they are somehow responsible for the attack. Third, staunchly refuse to recognize that law-abiding citizens should be afforded the means to defend themselves, whether at home, while traveling across the country, or even while practicing for a baseball game.

While Beyer passes the anti-gun …Read the Rest

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