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By Bob Owens

The Obama Administration is attempting to use the Paris terrorist attacks to scare American citizens into giving up their constitutional rights.

“Pass a law that prevents somebody…on a terror watch list from being able to buy a weapon” —@PressSec to Congress

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) November 23, 2015

Josh Earnest, President Obama’s Press Secretary is attempting to argue that nearly one million people who have not be charged with any crimes—including 300,000 who have no ties to any known terrorist groups at all—should be stripped of their basic constitutional due process rights in their latest scheme to undermine the rights of American citizens.

The National Rifle Association quickly fired back with both barrels.

Guess what @PressSec: Stripping peaceful Americans of their rights without due process is as unconstitutional as it is unbecoming of @POTUS — NRA (@NRA) November 23, 2015

Unlike the White House’s attempts to scare American citizens into giving up their basic right to due process, the NRA then went in depth and explained why the current system works, without compromising our civil liberties.

The claim driving these media assaults on the NRA is that “terrorists,” or at …Read the Rest

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