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NRA Carry Guard Intermediate Course - After Action Report

By Keith Wood

NRA Carry Guard Intermediate Course – After Action Report

USA – -( I have been a lifelong firearm enthusiast. I joined NRA as a teenager and have been an unapologetic supporter of the organization for my entire adult life. The time that I spent at NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action as a state liaison, working in the state capitols on behalf of gun owners, remains the highlight of my professional career. More than a decade as a contributor to NRA Publications has built my technical and practical knowledge base and allowed me to pass along some of what I’ve learned to readers. That said, I had not taken an NRA training course in many years. Once I progressed beyond the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer courses, I sought out training opportunities outside of the universe. NRA’s course curriculum was focused on a student population that, correctly or not, I felt that I had moved beyond. That was before NRA Carry Guard.

This spring, I attended the three-day NRA Carry Guard Intermediate training course. I had high hopes for the course, given my respect for the individuals who …Read the Rest

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