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By Ammoland

Term Limits

by Adam Kraut

NRA Board Term Limits & Attendance : Proposed By-Law Change

USA – -( Every year the Members of the NRA get to choose at least 25 Board Members by a Mail in Ballot. Occasionally, more than 25 seats are up for election when a sitting Board Member passes away or leaves the Board.

Most of the individuals who appear on the ballot are nominated by the Nominating Committee. A minority of candidates bother to run by Petition of the Members. Now that the new by-law changes have gone into effect, the number of candidates who successfully collected enough signatures is down 50% from the year prior (from 10 candidates to 5).

While we could have a long discussion about the merits of the Nominating Committee and the Petition of the Members, a bigger question arises. Should Board Members be able to constantly be re-nominated by the Nominating Committee or should they have to prove their worth to the Members at large?

It is also worth asking whether the candidates you elect and re-elect be required to show up to meetings. You would think if a candidate was elected to serve the Members they would attend meetings on a regular …Read the Rest

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