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By Nick Leghorn


When bad things happen with firearms, there’s usually an immediate emotional response. People demand that “something must be done” to “protect the children” from the “epidemic of gun violence.” Needless to say (A) what we’re doing now seems to be working pretty well, (B) it’s usually the “children” doing the shooting, and (C) there is no “epidemic.” Nevertheless, the usual gun control activist media outlets never pass up the chance to push the civilian disarmament agenda on the heels of a prominent gun-related news story, and NPR is giving it both barrels (so to speak). Yesterday they were talking up a “study” that claimed gun owners are racists and more likely to shoot black people than white people. Today they are mulling the best way to present mass shooting news in order to make people think more gun control is the solution . . .

From the article:

The researchers were interested not only in whether reading these different news stories would influence people’s views about appropriate gun legislation, but also whether they would have different implications for people’s attitudes toward the mentally ill.

Overall, they found that hearing any of the news stories about the …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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