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By Dean Weingarten

Smart gun (courtesy

All Things Considered is an iconic program from National Public Radio (NPR). They have a reliably “progressive” approach to the world. Sometimes they stumble onto inconvenient truths. That happened a month ago when NPR ran this story on how a naive investor pushed Colt to develop a so called “smart” gun, which is actually a very stupid gun . . .

First, the push for the “stupid” gun came from the new owner of the company, Donald Zilkha, a banker from New York City. He didn’t own a gun (go figure). I suspect he knew nothing of American gun culture. He made a very human mistake. He assumed that everybody thought about, and had assumptions about the universe that were the same as his. From NPR:

ZILKHA: Initially, I thought this would be something that could be adapted over 20-30 years and everybody would say, wow, this is a good way to own a handgun.

ROSE: But almost right away, Zilkha discovered that the customers he imagined were not as enthusiastic as he was. Let’s start with police. Stephen Albanese is a retired New York City police officer.

For 20 years, it was his job to make sure the department’s guns …Read the Rest

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