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By Chris Eger

Although it’s ratty and well-used, this classic WWII-era German SMG was likely modified after it was picked up by new owners.
Ian McCollum with Forgotten Weapons, reporting from the Mediterranean island country of Malta, profiles a 1942 all-matching Maschinenpistole 40 that looks as if it has spent a good portion of its life underground, both figuratively and literally.
Lacking a barrel nut– possibly removed for use so a suppressor could be added– but complete with a homemade brass catcher, the sub gun’s provenance holds that it came from a German collection years ago and was likely tweaked by Eastern European partisan forces during the war.
You know, guys like these:
Cretan rebels, some armed with recycled German MP40s under new management. (Photo: Imperial War Museum)
Old guns long ago cached by various WWII Resistance and guerilla groups often pop up in Europe, to include the occasional rusty MP40 and STG44.
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