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By Ammoland

The Center For Vision & Values

by Dr. Earl Tilford

Not Losing is a Loser’s Game
The Center For Vision & Values

Grove City, PA –-( The Obama administration’s weak and failing Middle East policy—the struggle against ISIS and the ultimate fate of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria—revolves around a non-strategy of avoiding a major foreign-policy debacle in the 15 months remaining before a new president takes office.

But it’s too late. Russia and Iran calling the shots in the Middle East is an American foreign-policy debacle.

While a good defense sometimes wins in football, the team that scores the most points always wins. Football is a game, war isn’t. Furthermore, when Russia and the United States are involved, both with nuclear forces capable of wiping out the world, rules matter. Terrorists and rogue regimes win by thwarting the rules.

Washington’s insipid Middle East strategy stands on weak legs: avoiding commitment to “boots on the ground” by employing military advisors coupled to a less than robust aerial campaign so hamstrung by rules of engagement that planes often return to base with unused ordnance and drone strikes that avoid risk to air crews but accomplish very little.

Furthermore, effective diplomacy relies on a very big military …Read the Rest

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