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By Tom Knighton

The state of Nevada thinks that universal background checks are a swell idea.

Correction: A majority of lawmakers in the state of Nevada think that.

Like most states, though, there are strong pockets of pro-gun sentiment throughout Nevada, regardless of how blue it may be. Like many other states, Nevada is mostly rural with small pockets of urban voters that overwhelm the rest. As such, the representatives from those urban areas tend to think universal background checks are a good thing.

Unlike the urban areas, the news media for the rural regions are willing to say just how messed up that is when it comes to gun issues.

In short, the bill does little more than make the activists feel good. With the governor’s signature secured scarcely an hour after passage of the bill, no doubt everyone returned home and slept well, feeling safer. But they are not really safer at all. Nothing was accomplished towards curbing gun violence. In the real world, bad guys can, and will, still obtain firearms on the street. And they will still put them to deadly use. Nothing has changed there.

But the bill will be quite effective at burying a law-abiding populace under unnecessary red …Read the Rest

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