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By Ammoland

Hillary Clinton

By Emily Rubin

Not All Women Are “With Hillary Clinton”
Emily Rubin More @
Emily Rubin More @

USA – -( We have been seeing around the internet for the past two days the reaction of women to Hillary Clinton’s (presumptive) presidential nomination.

We’ve reached a milestone,” they’ve said. “We did it,” they’ve said. “I’m with her” and “So proud,” they’ve said.

Honestly, it made me throw up a little to go through one article to get all those quotes.

I am not proud at all. Do you know what I would be proud of? I would be proud of any middle-aged white guy who had a deep love for America and a conscious. I would be proud of a nominee who had the balls, er, the courage, to ALWAYS do what is right, in a society that rarely acknowledges that.

I would be proud of any nominee who continually showed traits of compassion, dignity, honesty, gratitude, and perseverance – qualities that are characteristic of the most influential women in history.

Is it good to teach our daughters that they can be President of the United States of …Read the Rest

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