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By Tom Knighton

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is really pushing his gun control plan. This despite a recent setback to his agenda.

It seems that while it’s perfectly acceptable for him to push his anti-gun agenda under the idea that people elected him to do just that, it’s somehow wrong for Republican lawmakers to oppose him on just those same grounds.

It enough of a problem for Northam that he’s threatening those lawmakers.

Governor Northam addressed the crowd and said if stories like Clark’s do not result in changes to Virginia gun laws, something else needs to change.

“This past year, 1,028 of our fellow Virginians lost their lives [to gun violence],” Northam said. “If we can’t change people’s minds, we need to change their seats.”

Gun control is likely to play a major role in the 2019 elections, both sides said Monday. Every seat in the Virginia General Assembly will be up for grabs in November.

Now, yes, this is a threat to use the elective process to remove those people from office rather than something out of a mob movie, but let’s also be honest here. Does Northam think anyone believes the Democrats won’t be trying to remove the exact same …Read the Rest

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