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By Bob Owens


The story of a North Miami Police officer shooting a behavioral therapist just keeps getting worse. When we covered the story earlier in the day, a statement attributed to the officer made it sound like therapist Charles Kinsley was hit with a negligent discharge.

We have an autistic man (Rinaldo) who is clearly oblivious to the world around him, holding a shiny sliver object in his hand. While you may be able to mistake the truck itself for the slide of a handgun, it’s also readily apparent by the way that he is holding the object that it does not have any sort of a grip. I’m no detective, but this is what my friends in law enforcement might call “a clue.”

But this autistic man isn’t a cipher the officers have to figure out entirely on their own. Mr. Kinsley, Rinaldo’s behavior therapist at his group home, is with him, laying on his back (no doubt following police commands) with his hands in the air, calmly explaining to officers what is really going on.

There’s every reason for an officer to make a cautious approach here to get a better look and verify that the non-gun in Rinaldo’s hand truly is …Read the Rest

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