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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Constitutional Carry
Constitutional Carry

Grass Roots North CarolinaNorth Carolina-( The bad news is that the North Carolina Senate adjourned without passing House Bill 746. The good news is that the bill is still very much alive.

As you recall, HB 746 would give lawful North Carolinians permitless concealed carry, improvements in issuing concealed handgun permits (the system for which would remain intact for gun purchases, reciprocity with other states and carry in sensitive areas), expansion of concealed carry on educational property, and more.

Reasons for the failure of the Senate to pass HB 746 are complex, and I’ll discuss them momentarily. But first, let’s discuss the false claims by our opposition, which claimed the bill didn’t pass due to gun control input.

Nonsense. The dozen-odd “Bloomberg Moms” who showed up to protest passage of HB 746 in the NC House were like deer in the headlights. Despite the bitter viciousness of the left, they had no idea how to control the process. The pathetically small number of negative contacts they generated was ignored, giving them no influence on the bill’s progress.
Politicians did what they do best…nothing

The Senate, frankly, self-destructed on the bill. Without sufficient direction from leadership to …Read the Rest

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