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By Francis Borek

$225 for an all milled steel handgun? Yes please. (Photo: Francis Borek)
Believe it or not, the TT-33 Tokarev and its descendants are actually some of the most prolific handguns in the world. These often inexpensive old handguns have a bit of a following in the USA due to their robust construction, reliability, and low price. True there are examples out there that can be quite expensive, usually because they are war trophies or early Soviet made handguns. However for many novice shooters, the Tokarev’s low price appeals to them.
What doesn’t appeal to many of them is the 7.62x25mm ammo it shoots, a bit of an uncommon sight in American gun stores. So what is one to do when they want a Tokarev as well as common ammo? The answer comes from the China North Industries Corporation or Norinco.
At one time Chinese-made firearms were a common sight in gun stores across the nation. Firearms produced by Norinco and Polytech flooded gun stores, were soaked in grease, and looked down upon as cheap, commie junk. The Norinco SKS became such an ubiquitous sight that it was dubbed the “poor man’s deer rifle.” Despite the success of the SKS, other rifles such as


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