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By John Farnam

Finger Gun vs Quran Islam

By John Farnam

“Sharia Law” will soon be the law of the land in the UK and the rest of Europe. Moors have invaded, all over again, with no less brutality and cruelty than the last time!
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “The world has no particular objection to vice, but it does have an insuperable repugnance to hearing vice called by its proper name.” ~ William Thackeray

Last week in the UK, a local police commissioner, Alison Hernandez (suffering from an attack of “malicious honesty,” albeit only temporary), indicated that she was open to the idea UK citizens arming themselves, with guns, as a defense against Islamic terrorists. She voiced her opinion during a radio talk-show. (audio below)

Such a thing would, of course, require significant revision of the UK’s current array of anti-gun laws that make private ownership of nearly any species of firearm illegal.

Ms Hernandez was quickly slapped-down by her superiors who ever-so sanctimoniously declared that the very idea of privately-owned guns in the UK is unthinkable. I suspect Ms Hernandez can forget her next promotion!

“Enforced helplessness” is currently public policy in the …Read the Rest

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