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By Dean Weingarten


A common slogan used by gun grabbers is that “guns are designed to kill people”. There are several variations on this theme; the only purpose of guns is to kill; guns are designed for one thing only…to take a life; assault weapons have only one purpose – to kill as many people as quickly as possible. All of these are false and it’s easy to demonstrate how . . .

First, what are guns designed to do? They’re designed to project force at a distance. They do this by propelling a projectile out of the end of a barrel at a velocity sufficient for the task at hand. The higher the velocity, the more force can be projected at further distances. The heavier the projectile, the more force that can be projected at a given velocity. Guns are machines that allow us to effectively project force at a distance.

To clarify, consider the purpose of a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile tipped with a nuclear warhead. What is its purpose? Much like that of a pistol, it’s to project force at a (great) distance. But the Minuteman III wasn’t designed to kill people. It was designed to provide deterrence; …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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