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By Ammoland

By Jeff Knox

No Guns for Social Security Recipients?

Buckeye, AZ –-( The Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday that the Obama administration is pushing a plan to submit the names of up 4.2 million recipients of Social Security benefits to the FBI’s National Instant Check System, or NICS, the massive database used for criminal background checks on gun buyers.

Only “prohibited persons,” those for whom possession of firearms and ammunition is illegal under the Gun Control Act, are included in the NICS database.

Inclusion in NICS not only blocks gun sales to people on the list, it flags them as Prohibited Persons under the Gun Control Act, and that it is a felony for them to be in possession or have access to firearms or ammunition under any circumstances.

The law regarding “prohibited persons” has become increasingly broad over the past few decades. It was originally passed as restrictions on violent felons, fugitives, people with dangerous mental disorders, and others who pose a significant threat to public safety, but in fact took away the rights of many non-violent offenders and people who would not be considered dangerous. With the addition of the Lautenberg Amendment in the …read more

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