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By Tom Knighton

New Jersey now has a law on the books that allows the government to confiscate guns from anyone considered a threat without anything approaching due process. There’s a slightly more complicated process, mind you, but in its essence, that’s pretty much exactly what is at play there. Guns can be confiscated, plain and simple.

It seems one man, a veteran, almost found his confiscated out of nowhere and he believes it was the result of the new law.

Disabled Iraq war veteran Leonard Cottrell Jr. alleges New Jersey State Police attempted to confiscate his firearms last month without a warrant. He stood his ground, held to his Second Amendment rights, and did not let police take them.

Now, Cottrell is blaming a recently implemented New Jersey law, which he says targets law abiding gun owners. explains:

Cottrell, 40, said he was working at Wawa on June 14 when he got a call from his wife around 9:30 p.m. that two police officers from the New Jersey State Police’s Hamilton station were at the doorstep of his Millstone home.

The troopers, who patrol this sprawling Monmouth County township, were there, he said, because his 13-year-old son had made a comment …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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