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By Tom Knighton

New Jersey is very proud of its anti-gun status. Most anti-gun states are, though. In all fairness, most pro-gun states are pretty proud of their status as well. But with New Jersey, it sees it as some kind of holy crusade to rid the state of guns and, in theory, violence. It’ll never happen, but that won’t stop it from trying to disarm the law-abiding citizens so that it can pat itself on the back and ignore the guns already in criminal hands.

Yet there is concern in the state that President Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee will undermine the state’s anti-gun efforts.

After an especially bloody weekend in Paterson, including four people shot Sunday night, it was up to Mayor Andre Sayegh to speak to the moment.

“We’ve seen way too many innocent lives lost because of gun violence,” said Sayegh. “Remember Genesis Rincon, a 12-year-old hit by a stray bullet, and died. Nazerah Bugg, a 14-yera-old [sic], again, stray bullet and we lost her as well. And Armani Sexton, a 15-year-old promising basketball player, who might’ve been in the NBA, had his life cut short by a bullet.”

A roll call of tragic deaths, for sure, but as the …Read the Rest

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