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By L.P. Brezny

Nikon LaserForce
Nikon LaserForce

U.S.A.-( Today, the development and combination of binocular and range finding system has become very popular among both hunters and target shooters alike. These systems eliminate the need to haul along both a set of binoculars, and a ranging system. This issue can be history with the swipe of a credit card.

That last part of the previous sentence is what can cause a good deal of pain in the wallet. However, with the release of the Nikon LaserForce offering in a binocular based ranging system the hunter or shooter can now have a very dependable ranging system to a distance of over one mile, and also retain a quality 10X42 binocular optic as well. For an MSRP figure of about $1200.00, I am willing to bet the Nikon system will end up as a unit that sells for a couple of hundred less than suggested retail.

Nikon LaserForce was taken afield during several big game hunts in western South Dakota this fall. In effect the unit was tasked to range big game targets, was applied to scouting expeditions, used for exact range marking in hot gunning areas, as well as being a working set of binoculars. I …Read the Rest

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