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By Mitch Hardin

Nighthawk Custom Trooper

Nighthawk Custom Trooper

For anyone who is a fan of the classic 1911, Nighthawk Custom should need no introduction. They are pretty much like the Maserati of the 1911 world. Nighthawk Custom was started in 2004 by four individuals who shared a true passion for the 1911. Now they are staffed by roughly 65 full time employees, who all share that same burning passion for the 1911, as well as bringing their art of fine craftsmanship to the firearms industry.

Nighthawk VIP Black


FIRST LOOK: Nighthawk Custom VIP Black 1911 Pistol

Nighthawk Custom uses a slogan of “One Gun, One Gunsmith.” They aren’t kidding either, as each pistol built is built from start to finish by one single gunsmith. That gunsmith then test fires each and every pistol that they build. As a further testament to quality, the same gunsmith who built that pistol then uses a metal stamp to imprint their initials under the left pistol grip panel. If that doesn’t scream exceptional “QUALITY CONTROL,” then …Read the Rest

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