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By Jim Clary

Kestrel 5500FW Fire Weather Pro Meter
Kestrel 5500FW Fire Weather Pro Meter

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Kestrel 5500FW Fire Weather Pro Meter Measurements

Once you have entered the above conditions for the area that you are currently in, the 5500FW calculates the PIG as well as the percent FDFM (and updates as conditions change).

A handy accessory included with the LiNK equipped K5500FW Pro is the Rotating Vane Mount. If purchased separately, this accessory kit costs $49.
Illustration courtesy of Nielsen-Kellerman

This accessory mounts to any Kestrel 5 Series meters and can then be mounted onto any tripod with a ¼ – 20 fitted bracket. Once mounted, the Kestrel becomes a full-featured weather station. The large wind vane’s base keeps the Kestrel oriented into the wind for continuous measurement of wind speed, wind direction, and other major weather parameters.

The Kestrel 5500FW can track and log over 10,000 sets of time-stamped data, providing a complete history of conditions in the area (and on a fire) from the moment you arrive to when you leave. That is more than any hunter or backpacker needs but is essential for wildland firefighters.
Illustration courtesy of Nielsen-Kellerman

The data recorded in the Kestrel 5 with LiNK wireless will be displayed on your smartphone via the Kestrel LiNK App. …Read the Rest

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