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By Christen Smith

As the industry and media continue dissecting last month’s record-breaking federal background check data, presents a quick rundown of the nation’s busiest states for gun checks. All data is sourced from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
May 2017 — Handguns

Florida: 49,700, 16 percent increase over 2016
Pennsylvania: 42,646, 7 percent increase over 2016
California: 42,442, 11 percent increase over 2016
Texas: 42,366, 7 percent increase over 2016
Ohio: 25,230, 3 percent decrease from 2016

California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas routinely post the biggest background check figures every month, however, four out of five the nation’s busiest for approximate gun sales reported significant increases over 2016 — the industry’s biggest on record, so far.
Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio held onto their spots this year while California and Texas flip-flopped. The margins separating Pennsylvania, California and Texas tightened this year by just a few hundred checks. Ohio saw handgun checks fall about 3 percent.
May 2017 — Long guns

Texas: 27,991, 10 percent increase over 2016
California: 24,295, 15 percent decrease from 2016
Florida: 18,476, 8.5 percent increase over 2016
Ohio: 12,924, 2 percent decrease from 2016
New York: 12,857, 19 percent increase over 2016

The NICS long gun category reported far more fluctuation compared to last year, with Texas dethroning


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