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By James England

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — An old familiar tune is being played out from the halls of the Senate floor in Concord. Senate Bill 336, a bill dedicated to removing the need for a pistol/revolver license, passed and is now awaiting Governor Maggie Hassan’s desk where it will likely be vetoed yet again.

As the Union Leader reports, the House narrowly passed a version of this bill. The vote was stereotypically split upon the staunch party factions that occupy the New Hampshire legislature.

The arguments? All the same sweet words and rhetoric we keep hearing every single time.

“Someone can go purchase a firearm and can openly carry it today,” said Rep. J.R. Hoell, R-Dunbarton, “but they have to get a license so they can put on their winter coat.”

It’s not that permitless carry isn’t a good idea for New Hampshire. It most certainly is. After all, Vermont to the left of them and Maine to the right, they’re the only jokers without permitless carry.

And it’s not that New Hampshire shouldn’t have permitless carry just based upon the culture of the area (not to mention the Second Amendment). New Hampshire has a proud tradition of gun ownership and stewardship with nature. Men …Read the Rest

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