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By James England

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Governor Maggie Hassan is consistent when it comes to strangling New Hampshire gun rights. In a not-so-surprising turn-of-events, Governor Hassan vetoed permitless concealed carry in the state of New Hampshire for a second time in two years.

Permitless carry has passed the New Hampshire legislature twice. Both the House and the Senate have agreed that constitutional carry should be all anyone needs to carry a handgun concealed on his or her person.

She has vetoed for a second time, according to the Washington Times, and now it’s time for New Hampshire voters to start looking for a new governor once her term is up.

This is not how a veto is supposed to work. If a measure has cleared the House and Senate multiple times, maybe it’s time to consider it? The executive branch of government isn’t a dictatorship and if we’re going to keep pretending a democratic process exists, then there needs to be some give and take when the democratically elected legislature decides twice that permitless carry is a good idea.

Maine has it.

Vermont has had it since before it was even a state.

There’s really not much more to say that we haven’t already …Read the Rest

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