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By Nick Leghorn


We’ve been tracking a nice, steady decline in the time it takes for the ATF to process firearm registration paperwork required to own items controlled by the National Firearms Act. At its peak you would expect to hear a reply from the ATF right around the 1 year anniversary of when you sent in the forms. In recent months that wait time has dropped damn near to the 30 day mark, but it looks like things are once again taking a turn for the worse . . .

Over the last three months, the average time it takes to process an electronically filed Form 1 as tracked by has increased close to 200% (from 30 days to well over 90 days). Paper filed Form 4’s are also taking longer, up roughly 30 days from their lowest point (90 days) to about four months.

The ATF has hired more people to deal with the increased workload, and those new employees should be coming online right around now. There’s no word as to the cause of this additional waiting time on NFA paperwork, but I get the feeling that opening my big mouth and telling everyone about how quickly …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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