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By Nick Leghorn


I looked in my gun safe the other day (searching for a firearm I could sell to cover some AvGas related expenses) I came to a sudden and terrible realization: I can’t sell any of my long guns. Not that there are any contractual issues preventing me, but the fact of the matter is that they all have the name of my trust and my home town engraved on the receiver. I can’t really think of a modern rifle in my safe that I haven’t SBR’ed. That makes me a bit of an outlier — the vast majority of gun owners don’t have any Title II firearms in their safe. As a result they have been the “redheaded stepchildren” of gun rights, but their numbers are growing every day and the NFA Freedom Alliance is working to expand gun rights for those who own these items.

At the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference Todd Rathner (chairman of the NFAFA) came right out and said it: “The NFA should be ripped out, root and branch, and thrown in the trash.” You won’t find many people (in this crowd at least) who would disagree with that sentiment, but getting the general public and …read more

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