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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Fwd: Guntry Clubbing- Next Week on GunVenture
Guntry Clubbing- Next Week on GunVenture

MANDEVILLE, La. -( Next week on GunVenture, an episode from the First Person Defender series demonstrates how quickly a situation can turn deadly, and how those who are unaware, and unprepared, often become victims.

When an armed robber takes restaurant patrons hostage, our Defender must decide if action, or inaction, is the answer.

Does he confront the aggressor or wait for help? Watch next week’s episode and decide how you would react.

Plus, learn important skills for using an ankle holster from trainer Chris Cerino, along with exclusive training tips just for GunVenture viewers.


Watch the entire First Person Defender series on Gun Talk’s YouTube Channel.

From the Arizona desert to the snowy mountains of Oregon, along the East Coast and into the hills of Texas, follow the GunVenture Team as they explore the world of shooting – hunting, training, target shooting, and everything in-between.

The GunVenture crew also manages to fit in a few side trips: It might be a visit to a brewery, shooting machine guns, the search for the best lobster roll, or off-roading in a …Read the Rest

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