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By David Codrea

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“The shootings in Louisiana now have several groups calling for gun control measures that are more strict in Colorado and across the country,” Fox 31 “reported” in a thinly-disguised promotional piece for Michael Bloomberg’s interests that ignored the real story. “Tonight, Lafayette Louisiana joins the long and growing list of cities like Charleston, Aurora and Littleton to become national symbols of gun violence,” propagandist-disguised-as-newsman Mark Meredith solemnly intoned. “Today, on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, a handful of women with the group Moms Demand Action, hit the streets near a movie theater, hoping movie-goers will hear their call for action.” . . .

“We need to feel safe, in our churches, and out movie theaters, in our schools, we need to not be ducking from gunfire,” spokesMILM Jennifer Hope wished for hopefully, neglecting to mention the examples she was citing were all already “gun-free zones” in most places. That there’s a huge difference between feeling safe and being safe goes without saying, at least on Fox 31.

“The group hopes other states will adopt gun laws similar to those which have passed in Colorado,” Meredith elaborated, neglecting to mention the politicians who have …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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