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By Robert Farago

I want to like the The New Yorker magazine. OK, sure, they fired Dan Baum. I have a real soft spot for the once and future Fudd, a TTAG contributor whose Gun Guys remains the seminal examination of modern American gun culture. But the New Yorker still has some superb writers in their stable, and I love me some great writing. Unfortunately, if you look past the elegant prose, the New Yorker is frequently revealed as a gussied-up purveyor of inelegantly-argued, ill-informed, left-leaning statist tripe. John Cassidy’s piece Lax Gun Laws Are Becoming a National-Security Issue is a perfect case in point . . .

According to news reports, Abdulazeez, a twenty-four-year-old Kuwaiti-born U.S. citizen, was armed with at least three guns, including an AK-47 assault rifle. How he got hold of these weapons wasn’t what concerned Trump, however. “Get rid of gun free zones,” he tweeted on Friday morning. “The four great marines who were just shot never had a chance. They were highly trained but helpless without guns.”

Trump was …read more

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