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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Demonstration knives from Knife Rights’ Federal Civil Rights Trial to stop bogus New York City gravity knife arrests.
Knife Rights

New York-( Knife Rights’ Gravity Knife Law Reform Bill, A.5667 has been introduced in the New York Assembly. This is the fourth year in a row that a bill has been introduced to stop the abuse of the state’s gravity knife statute by New York City.

In response to New York Governor Cuomo’s New Year’s Eve veto overruling the New York Legislature that passed last year’s bills by overwhelming margins, and the large coalition of organizations, many part of his own constituency, which supported the bill, this year’s bill address the governor’s concerns in his veto message, even as irrational and politically motivated as they may have been.

Knife Rights has worked closely with our allies in New York to craft a bill that directly addresses the Governor’s concerns while also protecting innocent knife carriers in New York City from unjust arrests. The bill removes “centrifugal force” from the definition of a gravity knife to create a bright line definition that even New York City …Read the Rest

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