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By James England

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA — Today is the day that permitless concealed carry goes into effect for residents of West Virginia. It’s a momentous occasion that’s been a long time in the coming. Permitless concealed carry means that any resident of West Virginia that can legally possess a handgun is able to carry it on his or her person concealed.

Because the training requirement has been effectively nullified, local police have complained that such measures promote “zero training”. One firearms instructor spoke out against this in a brief interview with WSAZ 3.

via WSAZ 3 – Huntington

“The folks that are going to do it do have a mindset of it’s kind of a responsibility,” Sebastian Parsley said, “and it’s not going to be the wild west. People do take it seriously.”

One of the major complaints lodges by one local police chief include that it limits the ability of law enforcement to arrest a person based solely that he doesn’t have a concealed carry license.

“Not being able to use that as a tool to put those people in jail when they need to be is going to harm our law enforcement efforts and our drug enforcement efforts, quite frankly,” Chief Ciccarelli said.

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