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By Dan Zimmerman


By Louis K. Bonham

As reported earlier, University of Texas-Austin President Gregory Fenves announced last week that despite all the angst and outrage from various campus quarters, UT would follow state law and permit the licensed carry of concealed handguns in campus buildings, albeit with some restrictions (including a general ban on residents carrying in on-campus dorms and a requirement that semiautomatic weapons be carried without a round in the chamber). And given that less than 500 UT students even have a license to carry, all the hoopla should largely be “much ado about nothing.” Matter settled, right? Hardly. Pass the popcorn, the show’s just starting . . .

Neither side is happy with UT’s decision. Asked for comment last week, campus carry law sponsor (and former Houston police officer) Rep. Allen Fletcher characterized UT’s proposed rules as a “half-hearted effort to comply” with the law. He called UT’s requirement of carrying without a round in the chamber “ludicrous.”

Students for Concealed Carry is similarly unsatisfied with UT’s restrictions. They’ve indicated that their next move may be to challenge the rules in court. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxson has weighed in …Read the Rest

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