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By Kristin Alberts

A nice mix of our tipped rifle ammunition offerings, ideal for taking deer-sized game. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
Deer hunters have shelves upon shelves of rifle ammunition from which to pick at this time of year–brightly colored packaging, catchy tag lines, and promises of big bucks on the ground. While it’s certainly not possible to try even a quarter of all the options in any caliber, hunters will be well-suited to send several rounds down range this year. Many of the new polymer-tipped rounds are built by the companies specifically for optimal performance on the rather thin-skinned whitetail deer. Here are five of our favorites, with each excelling in accuracy.
Nosler Ballistic Tip
The quality of Nosler ammunition precedes itself, so its no surprise that their Nosler BT (Ballistic Tip) makes this list. In fact, the new tagline for BT is “Made for Whitetail” with the rapid expansion projectiles designed for devastating shock on deer-sized game. Per the company, “every bullet weight and velocity is optimized for maximum effectiveness on deer, antelope, and hogs.” With several new-for-2019 chamberings, BT is now available in 15 different calibers. Aside from the all the expected rounds, the company gives hunters interesting choices in 7.62×39, .25-06, 6mm Creedmoor,


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