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By Micah Rate

Students across the country are getting ready to head back to school. For some, the school year has already started. Like every year, as summer winds down, parents set out to buy their kids’ school supplies, picking up notebooks and binders, lunchboxes, and new backpacks. But more than knowing their child is prepared for their classes, at the forefront of many parents’ minds is the issue of school security and the potential for mass shootings. For parents who are concerned for their child’s safety, there’s a new backpack that can help protect their kid if the unimaginable were to happen.

The backpack just so happens to be bulletproof.

In an interview with Fox 13 in Memphis, Chip Holland, the Vice President of Training and Education at Gun Range USA in Memphis, put the bulletproof backpack to the test. After placing a textbook and a few notebooks into the bag, Holland strapped it to the back of a dummy down range.

Holland, taking a 9mm handgun, fired several rounds to see just how well the $200 backpack holds up.

After opening the backpack, the bullets are shown to have passed through the front and lodged themselves into the thick textbook. It did …Read the Rest

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